Dr. Dash - Ants Plants and Butterflies

Virtual Presentation 8-16-2020

The Butterfly Society of Virginia is excited to present a recording from our first virtual summer meeting. The topic was “Ants, Plants, and Butterflies: Explorations in Relationships” presented by Dr. Shawn T. Dash.

    Let me introduce our speaker,​

Dr. Shawn T. Dash is an Assistant Biologist within the Department of Biology at Hampton University. He is noted for the passion he brings to the classroom exciting students about the natural world and involving them in his research. Dr. Dash is an award-winning professor, who teaches a variety of courses from freshman to graduate class. All involved interactive and experiential learning with many have large field-based components. His education spans from the University of Delaware, LSU, and the University of Texas at El Paso, where he has earned degrees in entomology, wildlife conservation, and pathobiology. He is the president of the Hampton Roads Bird Club and an active birder. His research has focused on the systematics and ecology of ants with numerous publications on their biodiversity and ecology. Dr. Dash has recently, focused on unraveling themes of insect biodiversity in urban/suburban landscapes. Using these platforms as a means to introduce undergraduate students to the process of science, infusing research-based laboratories in his courses as well as independent research projects. He is a sought after public speaker to many regional nature-focused groups. Enjoy the presentation!


Maurice A. Cullen President Butterfly Society of Virginia

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